1. I am an Adventist. Pretty good. I like how it links to original sources, so people can check out the facts for themselves. Didn't really know about how Christianity had been influenced by Gnosticism and Platonic Dualism, and that SDA theology is basically anti-Gnostic. I also didn't really understand why Adventists didn't eat pork - use to just think it was because of Lev. Esp check out questions 19, 29, 33 and 42. God bless!

  2. I suggest people check out Doug Bachelor on You Tube at:

    I am an SDA

  3. I was a staunch SDA for 10 years, before I became a Christian. After hundreds of hours of research, I can say there is NO misconception. SDA IS a cult. Of course, while I was still in it, I believed what I was told.

    1. Perhaps you were in a cult when you were an Seventh-day Adventist - I don't deny it. There are plenty of biggoted legalists in the SDA Church, as there are in every Christian group and indeed in ever religion. But don't tar me by that same brush please. I praise the Lord that you have finally found the Truth of salvation in grace through faith in Jesus Christ - but I do take umbrage at the suggestion that others in the SDA Church haven't already come to this conclusion.

    2. "I was a staunch SDA for 10 years, before I became a Christian."

      What Christian group do you now belong to? Who says the group you don't now belong to is itself a cult?

  4. What makes me laugh is that it is often Evangelical Christians (esp Assemblies of God, Pentecostals, Brethren, Dispensationalists and Baptists) who claim the SDA Church is a cult. But go back a few centuries and the other 'mainstream' Protestant groups were calling these newer Protestant groups a cult - especially after the English Civil War, which is why so many of them left England for America to escape religious persecution by the 'established' Protestant churches.

    Then go back a few more centuries, and the 'mother' Roman Catholic Church was calling these 'established' Protestant groups a cult. Then go back a few centuries more and the 'mother' Jewish leaders were calling these early 'Christians' a cult. Then go back more centuries and the leaders in the Middle East were calling these Jews a cult - in fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans called them 'athiests' for not believing in the gods.

    Being called a cult is part of spiritual revelation and present truth.

  5. Anyone out there can answer this:
    Concerning the Day of Atonement, how could an unblemished (spotless) goat represent the evil Satan? Thanks.

  6. I was an SDA for over 25 years. I believe the SDA Church is a cult because of the role of their "messenger" or prophet, Ellen G. White. While some deny her strong influence, she is deeply ingrained in the very fabric of SDA doctrine.
    * The Investigative Judgment is not Biblical.
    * The mark of the beast is NOT Sunday worship.
    * SDA's claim that the "Commandments" are binding, yet don't keep any of the 613 commandments except 1-10 and unclean meats.
    * The Weekly Sabbath is a Ceremonial Law as was the seven year Sabbath, Jubilee, and Festivals. Circumcision, eating the food from the altar, and sacrifices which were all ceremonial, overrule the Sabbath.
    * Keeping the Sabbath was never mandated for Gentiles. Paul preached on some Sabbaths to Jews and interested Gentiles, but it is never required or mandated for Gentiles, especially in the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15)

    Ellen White says Adam failed to supervise Eve in the Garden. Genesis says Adam and Eve were together when the serpent talked to Eve.

    Ellen White says Noah preached 120 years before the flood, the Bible shows it was no more than 100, and maybe less.

    Ellen White says Christ entered the Holy of Hollies in 1844. The Bible says He entered once and for all and sits in the right hand of the Father.

    Clearly EG White trumps the Bible to SDA's. That makes it a cult!

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