11. Are Adventists ‘door-knockers’?

No, not in the way implied by the question.  Again, one is perhaps confusing SDAs with Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, who are well know for their door-to-door evangelism. 
The SDA Church does have specialist literature evangelists who knock on doors to sell Christian books.  Many Adventist members also knock on doors annually for the world-recognised charity, Adventist Disaster Relief Fund (ADRA), but are not ‘door-knockers’ in the usual sense of the word.  In this way, Adventists conduct themselves in a similar way to most other Christian groups and charitable citizens more generally.  


  1. Last time I checked I haven't knocked on any doors. Adventist. Used to collect for the ADRA appeal charity - been a bit slack the last couple of years.

  2. To be fair, some individual Adventists and individual Adventist congregations (especially conservative ones) do some kind of door knocking from time-to-time, but usually it is sporadic or connected with promoting an upcoming Evangelistic program. However, in my experience the SDA Church doesn't have a wide spread and systematic program of door-knocking of the type JWs or Mormons do.

    The only exception, as already noted in the blog, is the annual ADRA appeal. However, that isn't really for evangelism, as JWs or Mormon's do, but merely to collect money for the Adventist development and relief charity - similar to the annual collection for the Salvation Army or American Red Cross.

  3. SDA's don't use door knocks. They use prophecy seminars instead. They hide their identity and then feed you the lies of the false prophet ellen White to suck you into their cult.

    1. How is that different from most Evangelical Churches, who don't tell people they really belong to the Assemblies of God denomination?