10. Is it true Adventists refuse blood transfusions?

No, that is perhaps Jehovah Witnesses. 
As noted by the South Pacific Division of the SDA Church, the Adventist Church even has its own blood banks in connection with its many hospitals:
“Adventists promote good health practices, including the use of blood transfusions where the screening of blood is of a safe and high standard. The Sydney Adventist Hospital has its own Pathology Department where patrons can donate blood.”
      See: http://adventist.org.au/about_adventists/misconceptions#one


  1. I was at a law lecture the other day with a guest speaker – the head Roman Catholic Bishop of the City. The topic was religious liberty. He said, ‘I fully support religious liberty, I fully support the right of every Seventh-day Adventist to refuse blood transfusions’. Of course I had to correct him – that he was of course confusing SDAs for JWs.

    I swear one day I am going to be in an accident and need a life-saving blood transfusion, but the doctor will say, ‘stop, stop, he is a Seventh-day Adventist’. My tombstone will read, ‘died for being confused a Jehovah’s Witness’. SDA

    1. Hi Beloved, the SDA church owns many health facilities and hospitals, where transfusions are always required. in fact, many SDAs are blood donors when needed. We cant refuse to give life to fellow human beings when we know that we ourselves were given and were saved by the blood of the lamb. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD and He requires us to keep the Sabbath on Saturday Holy as written in the scriptures. Once you understand these truths or hear someone speaking otherwise than that, know that they are not SDA. May you have a Jesus filled day.

  2. I am sick of people wrongly confusing Seventh-day Adventists with Jehovah's Witnesses. We are totally different religions people!

  3. Most people mistakenly take the SDA to be JW, which is totally wrong. There is a big difference between them. Due to certain believes that are common in both. The vital believes of the SDA are far different from the JWs.

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