7. Weren’t the people involved in the tragedy of Waco Texas Seventh-day Adventists?

No. The tragedy involving David Koresh and ATF agents at Waco Texas on 28 February 1993 did not involve Seventh-day Adventists or the SDA Church. The confusion arises because David Koresh led the ‘Branch Dividians’, who were a fundamentalist offshoot that had left the mainstream SDA Church some 40-years earlier in 1955.

Thus, to link David Koresh and the Branch Dividians to the SDA Church would be akin to linking the Ku Klux Klan with Protestant Christianity, Adolf Hitler to Catholicism, Jim Jones to Methodism, Oliver Cromwell and a hate of the Irish to Puritans, Anti-Semitism with Lutherans, Karl Marx with Judaism, or mystical Sufi Islam with Osama bin Laden. Even Jesus had a Judas! In short, it is important to judge a religion by its official beliefs, not by the conduct of a minority of extremists.

For a full examination of extremist SDA offshoots, including the Branch Dividians, Creationist SDA Church and Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement, please visit the site 'Sevy Taliban':


  1. Exactly. There was a guy at our Church who turned out to be a paedophile. Whenever he was mentioned on the news, they always said ‘Seventh-day Adventist Deacon Mr X.’ He wasn’t a pastor or anything but just a deacon. Do you think they would have done the same if he was an Anglican, Roman Catholic, Baptist or Presbyterian? SDA

    1. Sadly yes, the news is just looking to make the report juicy. Adding the name of a church, any church, will do that nicely. In this case, with what is going on with the Catholic Churches, it doesn't just smear the Adventist but all churches. People wonder if they can trust any church.

  2. Every religion has their fanatics and weirdos. Koresh was a part of an aberrant group. He wasn't mainstream SDA.