14. Do Adventists believe the same as Jehovah’s Witnesses?

No – they are completely different religions.  As noted by the South Pacific Division of the SDA Church:
“Some people confuse Adventists for Jehovah’s Witnesses, but we do not believe the same things. A few similarities in the way both came into existence from sectarian movements developing around 1840s have led to this confusion.”


  1. Whilst we are at it, do Adventist believe the same as Ba-hai, because they also arose the same time in the 19th century, and even believe the same 1844 prophecy re the return of Jesus? How about Jews, Zoroastrians and Buddhists – about the same time too at 6th Cen BC! How about for that matter, Christians and Ebonites, Gnostics, Manichaenites and Rabbinical Judaism – all around same time around early A.D. and place of Middle East. The lumping together of Adventists with Mormons, JWs and Christian Scientists merely because we arose at the same time and place is got to be about the poorest argument I have ever heard. SDA

  2. Half of these posts appear to address misconceptions about things that apply to Jehovah's Witnesses and not SDAs. The blood tranfussion one takes the cake! The proper name for Mormons - Latter Day Saints - can also cause confusion given the title 'day' in 'Seventh-day Adventist'

    1. Yes, it is indeed very annoying if you are a Seventh-day Adventist but many people think that is the same as a Jehovah's Witness.

  3. The SDA church teaches that Jesus was the archangel Michael, as does the JW church. The JW church however teaches that Michael was a created being while the SDA church teaches that Michael was a title for Jesus who was not created.

    Kevin McMillen
    Morgantown, WV